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Portal Widgets and Portable Gadgets

The one thing that makes paper so versatile is its portability. Take it anywhere you like, if the page is too big: just fold it. Still the ultimative reference in terms of versatility, portability and stability.

Portal-technology today facilitates uniquely configured, concentrated views over a variety of information sources. Creating a widget is tedious and needs to be tailored exactly to the specific technology, the portal vendor prefers. Combining different sources into a combined view also shares each ressources level of performance and availability.

Performance gets critical

To the user, the concentrated information display a portal enables, gets crucial. But also does the individual performance of each widget or ressource. All ressources provided should be able to match the users expectations for the service level. Also, a portal view can put much higher stress on the server infrastructure, as a cluster of different information is drawn together into a simultaneous view.

Today, portal widgets are everywhere and a lot of technologies are involved, especially when you consider the mobile world, where also the screen sizes vary. Providing your information to any of these portals is an enterprise class task. Providing graphically rich information to a lots of widgets is nearly impossible.

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