Intermedia Fotoficient

Be different, memorable and compatible

Having a unique site needs cutting edge effects and memorable visuality, but usability, page rendering speed and ultimative device compatibility are serious constraints too. A tight budget also doesn't ultimately help by getting a compelling website up and running.

One image - but how many variants?

Even though graphics and photos add to the unique touch and visual language a web page emanates, having the most recent versions of all key visuals at all occurrences is a challenge. Especially, when the finishing phase approaches and sudden last-minute changes require updating different versions and retouches of the same key-visual. And adding a watermark or logo in your images shouldn't require you to open all images in your most favorite image editor.

Should an image gallery be rocket science

A content management system (CMS) is a must-have and there are literally thousands of products to choose from. But that doesn't still adress questions of working with graphics. Ask yourself: What do I have to do to insert a simple image gallery? Why should that be any more than a few simple clicks?

The killer change request tops all: Now, please make all corners round, we ought to be more Web2.0.

Sounds familiar?

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