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The Challenge: presenting and selling products on a screen - and being superfast

Finding a competitive advantage when selling products on the internet sometimes is a question of niche, price or service. But whatever differentiation you've chosen: having a compelling presentation on the web definitely helps. A rich online customer experience establishes an atmosphere of trust and professionalism and binds your customers.
Having a fast online presence, whatever device your customers use to honor you with a visit, doesn't harm either.

Photos - just click, and then what?

Recent studies prove that product photography is a key factor for being successful in the e-commerce domain. But putting product photos online seems as a costly and cumbersome task.
With new technologies and expectations at the customer front, new challenges arise: 360 degree product presentations, technological barriers with a mixture of desktop, mobile and tablet platforms, developing a social media strategy, as well as being king of the hill in your domains search terms.

Slow shops lose business

When a web page response time hits the five second barrier, business performance begins to decline massively (Aberdeen Group: One Second of an Additional Delay in Response Times of Web Applications Can Impact Customer Satisfaction by up to 16%). Having a fast web presence is essential - that is even more true for mobile oriented e-commerce.
Sophisticated users expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

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