Intermedia Fotoficient

Intermedia Fotoficient: Make your web site Fotoficient

Quickstart The features of Intermedia Fotoficient
Intermedia Fotoficient is a fast, versatile image transcoding engine and widget toolset.
Make your web site graphical. Features

Dokumentation Intermedia Fotoficient manual
A detailed documentation for Intermedia Fotoficient is part of the Intermedia Fotoficient package. You find the documentation in the /doc folder of your Intermedia Fotoficient installation: Download Intermedia Fotoficient

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Pixelboxx GmbH is specialized on Media Asset Management and professional image processing. Operating successfully in this business for more than 10 years now, today Pixelboxx is one of the market- and technology leaders in scalability, automation level and high availability. Besides providing software solutions, Pixelboxx offers consultancy services for all aspects of organizing, handling and communicating multimedia information. To continue this success story, we are expanding our product range with our new innovative product - Intermedia Fotoficient!

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