Intermedia Fotoficient

12.06.2012 new Release v1.2.84707

This new release, available imediately through svn or download, fixes a bug within the cacheing handling and also contains a new and improved Pixelboxx connector the current Cloud/Campus versions of our Pixelboxx DAM product.

16.3.2011 Release 1.2.81677

The current final release of Internet Explorer 9 made a simple fix necessary within a supporting browser library. We recommend to use the subversion access to identify the minor differences.

04.02.2011 New Intermedia Release

The first minor release in 2011 brings some new features and galleries, another big boost to speed and performance and an extensive documentation for the integration into IBM WebSphere environments.


Intermedia Fotoficient: Make your web site Fotoficient

Quickstart The features of Intermedia Fotoficient
Intermedia Fotoficient is a fast, versatile image transcoding engine and widget toolset.
Make your web site graphical. Features

Dokumentation Intermedia Fotoficient manual
A detailed documentation for Intermedia Fotoficient is part of the Intermedia Fotoficient package. You find the documentation in the /doc folder of your Intermedia Fotoficient installation: Download Intermedia Fotoficient

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